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4200 Prescott Avenue Luxury Townhouses

Luxury Townhouses

In the heart of Oak Lawn, at the edge of Highland Park, luxury townhouses with breathtaking views of Dallas redefined luxury urban living in Dallas.

4200 Prescott Avenue are luxury townhouses of elegance, quality and style, blending the finest design traditions of luxury townhouses with the latest construction techniques and technology. Combining one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Dallas, with exquisite finishes and authentic detailing, 4200 Prescott Avenue creates a luxury townhouses and a living environment unparalleled in metropolitan Dallas.

Architectural Design Partnership

Lexington Luxury Builders, custom builders of luxury townhouses has created one of the most architecturally striking luxury townhouse projects ever built in the Oak Lawn area.

The construction techniques, structural quality and exquisite finishes are magnificent. The detailing, both inside and out, are a testament to the uncompromising commitment which Lexington Luxury Builders made to these luxury townhouses. The only limitation is that so few of these homes are available.

Located In The Heart of the City

When you live in the heart of the city you are never far from the destinations which matter. The places you work, shop, dine and are entertained are likely within blocks rather than miles…

4200 Prescott is located in the heart of Oak Lawn, one of the most exciting urban neighborhoods in Dallas. Located between Central Expressway and the Dallas Tollway, between Turtle Creek and Highland Park, residents enjoy easy access to the city’s finest highways and arteries…

Less than two miles from the new American Airlines arena, less than two miles from the West End, less than two miles from the Arts District; the distance to Turtle Creek and Highland Park can be measured in yards rather than miles. Less traffic, driving and wasted time…

Sometimes less is more. More comfort, more free time, a more carefree and vibrant lifestyle, filled with all the luxuries you have earned.

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